Tropical Thunder


'Focusing on de Souza’s interactions with the people and town centre of Otara, Tropical Thunder raises questions about the changing relationship between food, community, art and culture... it investigates the commercialisation of traditional practices and the significance of buying, cooking and sharing food in people’s everyday lives.'

From Anna Davis' Catalogue essay
for If you were to live here... 5th Auckland Triennial
curated by Hou Hanru
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'A remarkable inflated tent at Fresh Gallery Otara is the handiwork of Sydney artist Keg De Souza.
De Souza's installation, called Tropical Thunder, is an eye-opener. Her tent is stitched together from brightly patterned plastic tablecloths purchased from nearby stores. There is also a coffee table balanced on bottles of sickly soft drink, which give the work its name. To complete the package, she has collected an array of comments from residents on the indifferent quality of food available in Otara. Such intricate engagement with the community is not an option for...'

from Life on the Edge
by John McDonald in Sydney Mornng Herald
full text on the Triennial can be read here


Various images from Tropical Thunder at Fresh Gallery Otara for the 5th Auckland Triennial If you were to live here...


Fresh Gallery Otara




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